Construction of Gauges and Appliances

Everything to safeguard the quality of your products.

Unique quality reigns supreme!

The quality of your components is our top priority. To make this possible, we manufacture measuring fixtures and test equipment made of aluminium, steel and lightweight materials for the precise recording and control of your components. The experienced, cross-industry experts in our Gauges and Appliances Construction division coordinate closely with you at all times to implement your instructions in line with the requirements.


Any questions?

Our Project-team is looking forward to advise you.

Tel.: 09571 949 0
Fax: 09571 949 109


Your advantages

  • Design, manufacture and qualification of test equipment from a single source
  • Professional advice thanks to years of cross-industry experience
  • We build your test equipment according to your construction and design specifications
  • Detailed documentation preparation in the form of parts lists, drawings, QM documents and specifications

Our Gauges and Appliances Construction division makes all this possible for you

Checking gauges

  • Measurement with and without a coordinates-measuring machine

Test modules

  • Used for photometric inspection

Cubing gauges

  • Production of the bodywork

Other gauge and appliances services

  • Welding appliances
  • Assembly appliances
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