Case Study ‘MINI Scooter E-Concept’

The customer:

The MINI brand is part of the BMW Group. Their vehicles follow the ‘Maximise the experience – focus on the essential’ ethos. Mini’s clever solutions and iconic design are intended to enrich urban life.

The task:

To produce all the lighting plastic parts such as headlights, indicators and rear lights. Lighting colour designs had to be addressed for the various Scooter variants and the cockpit, an iPhone holder and chrome-plated trim components were also part of the order.

The procedure:

Constructing the links to the Scooter and connecting all the components to one another was the first task, in line with the full-service competence of Hofmann – Ihr Möglichmacher. Then it was the turn of the front lights, indicators, rear lights and instrument panel; they were produced by vacuum casting, after which their surfaces were painted and vaporised. Integration of the lamps took place during the component assembly procedure.

The result:

The fully-functional components were delivered in good time and presented at the Paris Autosalon Motor Show.

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