Automotive Case Study ‘Centre Console’

The customer:

An automobile manufacturer.

The task:

To produce up to 300 centre consoles with armrests – a complex component consisting of up to 100 items. The customer also wanted the product to be of near-series quality to present it in vehicles – so additional features like lamination had to be integrated.

The procedure:

The specialists at Hofmann – Ihr Möglichmacher, one of the world’s leading Rapid Prototyping providers, know all about producing complex assemblies within the shortest possible timeframes. The 3D data was analysed and a concept designed that could produce the first centre consoles for delivery within twelve weeks.

The big advantage that this tightly-timed task gave the customer is obvious. All the worksteps, from plastic parts processing and surface enhancement to modular assembly, came from one in-house source.

To be prepared for any eventuality, Hofmann – Ihr Möglichmacher, always has a large stock of small but often crucial items. If a component is unavailable at any time, it can be designed and then produced in plastic or metal using the most modern 3D printing process in the shortest possible timeframe.

The result:

Thanks to our employees’ wealth of experience, our full-service competence and our diverse production possibilities, the prototypes of the centre console were delivered reliably to the customer within the agreed time, all fully functional, sized to fit into the vehicle with millimetre precision and indistinguishable from an original part.

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