Aerospace Case Study ‘Filling Connector – Eurofighter’

The customer:

B/E Aerospace Systems GmbH in Lübeck is part of the B/E Aerospace Inc. A global leader in the manufacture of aircraft cabin interior products B/E Aerospace designs, develops and produces a wide range of products for both commercial aircraft and business jets.

The task:

Series production of an oxygen-bearing filling connector using the 3D metal printing method. The connector had to withstand a bursting pressure of 400 bar.

The procedure:

A process chain tailored to the requirements and guidelines of the aerospace industry was defined together with the experts from Hofmann – Ihr Möglichmacher. The process chain included not only the 3D printing manufacturing procedure, but also the entire post-machining of the interface positions and the necessary surface treatment, so the component could be qualified with a newly-designed testing process together with the customer.

The result:

It was a true premiere for the first ever component produced in a 3D metal printing procedure, which flew on military missions! More than 1,500 of these components have meanwhile been manufactured since 2006, a result that underlines the power of 3D printing in the aerospace industry.

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