A tradition of focusing on the customer.

We have been making your ideas possible for over 25 years!

Founded over 25 years ago, Hofmann – Ihr Möglichmacher is today a medium-sized family enterprise. The company has a history of rapid development, however, because we are already one of world’s biggest and most successful Rapid Prototyping providers. More than 300 Hofmann employees produce prototypes, tools, testing & appliance gauges and preseries and series products for OEMs and their system providers in the automotive, aerospace and medical industries.

We have decades of experience behind us and advanced manufacturing facilities for the production of complex individual parts, components and entire assemblies.

We aim to sustainably secure our lead against the increasing international competition through our market and customer-oriented approach and the promotion of innovations, such as our very early recognition of the potential of 3D printing.

The qualification and motivation of our employees throughout the entire company and their identification with the company’s aims is a key success factor and that is why open and honest communication, a social sense of responsibility and an ethically correct way of doing business are all a matter of course for us. This attitude will help Hofmann – Ihr Möglichmacher to remain an independent, internationally-oriented and successful family business.

Come with us now on a journey through time and discover the events that have made us what we are... your ‘make-it-possible’ company.

Relaunch: Hofmann – Ihr

25th anniversary

Award for Bavaria’s Best 50

Award as Toolmaker of the Year
2008Opening of our partnership in Turkey

Opening of our partnership in China
First 3D-printed metal component in
series for the aviation industry


Opening of our site in Spain

Awarded the Bavarian
Innovation Prize


New company building

Launch of our first 3D printer

Founding of the company
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