Preseries and Small- Batch Series Production

Components from a quantity of 1 – we make it possible!

From model to series.

We make preseries and small-batch series production possible – in full service. Our highly-experienced team will give you comprehensive advice about the production-oriented design of your plastic injection moulded components and their assembly – and they’ll also source the required materials and bought parts for you – and if required, we’ll even construct prototypes and small-batch series production tools for you.

In addition to our preseries and small-batch series production services, we also offer you the preassembly and series assembly . of entire component modules, you only have to tell us how many items you require. And for maximum flexibility, we will derive the required variants from your basic components. This includes reworking, milling, bonding and welding. Our range of in-house services is also supplemented by joining processes and surface treatments.


Any questions?

Our Project-team is looking forward to advise you.

Tel.: 09571 949 0
Fax: 09571 949 109


Your advantages

  • Over 25 years of experience in toolmaking and mould making
  • Large stock of in-house machinery and equipment for maximum flexibility
  • International network for cost-effective production in best-cost countries
  • High vertical range of manufacture for almost limitless component assembly from one single source

Our services for preseries and small-batch series production

Prototype injection moulding tools made of aluminium

  • Short production times
  • Output up to around 10,000 parts possible
  • Low production costs, thanks to regularly-used design and construction systems

In-house injection technology

  • Range of machinery from 50-1600 tons clamping force (2K and 3K machines)
  • Processing of high-temperature materials such as PEI and PEEK

A selection of our procedures for preseries and small batch series production

Multi-component injection moulding

  • Multi-colour injection moulding
  • Assembly injection moulding
  • Sandwich method

Internal pressure injection moulding

  • Gas injection technology
  • Water injection technology
  • In-house systems engineering available


  • No visible weld lines
  • Improvement in surface quality
  • Manufacture of conformal cooling by means of 3D printing
  • Piano gloss finish without post-processing

Individual decoration in the injection moulding machine

  • In-mould decoration (IMD, IML)
  • Back injection moulding (textiles)
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