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Surface finishing

As one of the leading Rapid Prototyping service providers in the world, we offer you many innovative processes for enhancing the components we produce for you. Here we not only focus on optical and tactile appreciation, but also on increased durability and the overall improvement of the material properties.


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Your advantages

  • Many innovative procedures for surface treatment
  • Optimally-coordinated workflow thanks to holistic care
  • Greatest possible time efficiency thanks to a high vertical range of manufacture and the availability of the necessary technologies in house.
  • Unique development and manufacturing expertise for perfect results

Here are just a few of the many procedures we can use for you


Vapour deposition

  • Coating of the widest range of materials
  • The photometric testing of surfaces, such as reflectors

Chrome plating

  • Compelling visual and tactile effect
  • Design finding
  • Series-part-oriented testing of components for proper functioning

Chromium-like coating

  • Gives the optical impression of a metallic component
  • Creation of reflection effects
  • Chromium(VI)-free coatings, series-production oriented

Other procedures

Water transfer printing

  • Enhancement of surfaces with photorealistic motifs


  • UV ovens used for drying processes
  • Protective, visual and tactile effect
  • Special surface properties possible (e.g. soft touch, iridescent colours)


  • Compelling visual and tactile effect
  • Design finding (decorative seams, colour, etc.)
  • Extensive range of laminating procedures for artificial and real leather, carpets, and much more.
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