Innovative possibilities.

Hofmann – your ‘make-it-possible’ company for 3D printing.

The topic of 3D printing is on everyone’s lips – and rightly so too, because where traditional technologies reach their limits, the strengths of 3D printing come into their own, accelerating innovation processes. This is why we focus on continuous development in the areas of personnel, materials and technologies – and that makes us a pioneer in 3D printing and also one of the leading providers of production services.

We will realise your products, from prototypes to series production, with a whole host of advanced 3D printers. We also have different methods such as metal and plastic 3D printing available for you, not least because of our years of experience in the field of additive manufacturing. Our experts will support you with their extensive know-how, offering you everything from design and construction support to your finished product from a single source.


Any questions?

Our Project-team is looking forward to advise you.

Tel.: 09571 949 0
Fax: 09571 949 109

Mail: sales@hofmann-imm.de

Your advantages

  • A high level of innovation potential thanks to an almost unlimited degree of freedom in design and construction
  • Totally tool-free, enabling the fast and economical manufacture of components, particularly for small and very small serie
  • Sustainability through resource-saving production processes
  • A high level of mechanical stability
  • High-quality components

Your options

  • 3D printing consulting: We will discuss with you which specific 3D printing process, which equipment and which material will produce the best results for your individual product.
  • 3D printing feasibility and cost assessment: We will assess the feasibility of your project and provide you with a reliable cost estimate. As experienced experts in the field of 3D printing, we will of course also show you more optimisation potential, giving you maximum effectiveness and efficiency – and always with the focus on outstanding quality.
  • 3D printing metal or plastic: As a leading provider of 3D printing production services, we can draw on a variety of 3D printing manufacturing processes thanks to our extensive range of machinery.
  • 3D printing for functional models, prototypes and series production: Regardless of which stage of the product development process you are at, with our 3D Printing Factory you have a powerful Competence Centre at your beck and call.
  • 3D printing for complex assemblies: You can combine 3D printed parts with conventional components, for the low-cost production of complex assemblies, including the option of building on conventionally-produced components
  • 3D printing for the design and production of tooling inserts: We manufacture these for both injection moulding and die-cast tools.

Your choice of materials

Metal 3D printing

  • Steel alloy
  • Aluminium alloy
  • Titanium alloy
  • Copper alloy
  • CoCr alloy
  • Inconel
  • Special alloys

Plastic 3D printing

  • Epoxy - stereolithographic process
  • PA 2200 – 3D plastic sintering process
  • Ultem 9085 – FDM procedure
  • ASA (similar to ABS) – FDM procedure
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