Case Study ‘Humidor’

The task:

To produce a humidor, one which boasted an unusual product design.

The procedure:

Hofmann – Ihr Möglichmacher always supports its customers with first-class expertise and a wealth of experience, from development to component assembly. The first step was selecting the appropriate manufacturing process based on the 3D data. This was followed by the design of the components and the creation of a production-ready design. The decision was made to use vacuum casting and this produced a high-quality, transparent, black, high-gloss finish. Further refinements included the application of a logo to the cover and the lining of the inner surface with solid wood.

The result:

A humidor, the appearance and clever details of which are extremely impressive: since the cigars do not touch one another and lie free in the humidor, you have uniform wetting from all sides – and that is a feature that every cigar lover really appreciates. The construction is also designed in such a way that the entire alphabet can be displayed, making the humidor a perfect, individualised gift.

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