Medical Technology Case Study ‘Ventilator ResMed Stellar™ 100“

The customer:

ResMed offers dependable therapeutic equipment and modern data management solutions that are designed to simplify the diagnosis and treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and other chronic illnesses. ResMed has a team of more than 5,000 employees and supplies more than 2 million patients. The mission? To improve patients’ quality of life, to alleviate the effects of chronic diseases and to reduce health spending in more than 100 countries.

The task:

To produce a total of 12 prototype tools – and the special challenge was that the tools for the visible surface had to be partially/highly polished or blasted in accordance with VDI3400 Ref 31. The customer also wanted implementation of near-series quality and the manufacture of a total of 500 assemblies from series material, including chrome plating of the frame part.

The procedure:

Hofmann – Ihr Möglichmacher is one of the world’s leading Rapid Prototyping providers – so the company specialists are used to producing complex assemblies within the shortest possible timeframes. Thanks to the extensive expertise of the Hofmann ‘make-it-possible’ team, the complete measurement of the individual items was done in-house after they were drawn.

The big advantage for the customer here is obvious – toolmaking, parts production and delivery are all from one source – and that saves time-critical coordination discussions, leading to much faster success on the market.

The result:

Thanks to our employees’ years of experience, unique full-service competence and our diverse range of production possibilities, the assemblies were delivered reliably to the customer within the contracted timeframe. The assemblies’ optics were of near-series quality, so clinical experts from the field of ventilation could use them for study experiments at the customers and for many other verification tests. The product is meanwhile in successful series production.

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