Hofmann... a healthy choice! We make prototypes for medical technology possible!

Medical components place the highest demands on quality and reliability. Thanks to our extensive know-how and experience, Hofmann – Ihr Möglichmacher supplies high-quality plastic housing components and mechanical plastic components to the medical technology industry. Our wide range of in-house machinery gives us countless manufacturing options – whether a component must be sprayed, painted, printed, mounted, chrome-plated or produced in a high-gloss finish, we will support you from development right up to small-batch series production.

Projects that involve small numbers of items and short start-up phases especially benefit, because it’s here that we can demonstrate our strengths in terms of flexible order execution, based on a unique full service for the manufacture and delivery of finished plastic assemblies – and this puts you well on the road to achieving your project goals fast and reliably.


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Case studies: Selected successes from the medical industry.


Medical Technology Case Study ‘Ventilator ResMed Stellar™ 100’

The medical device manufacturer ResMed needed 12 prototype tools for a new ventilator. Hofmann – Ihr Möglichmacher was also awarded the contract to manufacture 500 assembly parts within twelve weeks.


Medical Technology Case Study ‘Sleep-Screening Device ResMed ApneaLink Air™“

ResMed the medical device manufacturer needed prototype tools made of steel for its new sleep screening device ApneaLink AirTM Hofmann – Ihr Möglichmacher delivered around 1,000 assemblies for international pre-series tests within the very short timeframe of eight weeks.

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