Aerospace Case Study ‘Decompression Grid - Airbus A350’

The customer:

Diehl Aircabin is a subsidiary of Diehl Aerosystems. The company is a globally active system partner for the international aviation industry in the fields of cabin equipment, rest rooms for the flight crew and air ducting.

The Airbus A350 is a twin-engined, long-range wide-body aircraft made by the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus.

The task:

The production of decompression grids for the passenger section, with component lengths from 9.5 to 54.5 inches and more than 150 geometrical variants in five different colours. The assembly of the (roughly) 3,500 individual components per aircraft and pre-picked delivery to the customer were also part of the order.

The procedure:

The kinematic article was first optimised for installation. The subsequent component optimisation, designed for injection moulding, ensured the best possible dimensional stability. In the next step, the necessary tools and assembly devices were manufactured. An automatic testing machine was also developed, providing 100% inspection of the components.

When the different length variants from the injection-moulded components had been manufactured and lacquered, the main assembly process took place and this included the required purchased parts. Assembly validation was carried out by the customer following the inspection of the components in the automatic testing machine.

The result:

Timely delivery of the 100%-inspected decompression grid assemblies and their use in the current A350 series.

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