Ever upward with small-batch production for the aerospace industry – and we make it possible!

Benefit from our diverse portfolio and many years of experience in the aerospace sector. Hofmann – Ihr Möglichmacher is your single source provider of everything for the aerospace industry – from full-size mock-ups and the production of plastic injection-moulded components, from component module assembly for small-batch series to the 3D printing of aerospace parts.

Our experienced experts will accompany you right from the start with comprehensive advice on the production-oriented design of your components. Depending on the scope of the individual project, we will also take over the procurement of suitable tools – or we'll design and manufacture them in-house for you, quickly and efficiently. And of course, we'll also perform the sourcing of the required materials or purchased components for you as well.

On request, we will expertly assemble your parts, perform surface treatments and deliver the fully-functional assembly to you, using only aviation-compliant joining processes, such as bonding and ultrasonic welding.

We’re particularly proud to have been certified as the first German service provider to produce components for military aviation by means of the 3D printing process. Yet another reason to opt for our 15+ years of expertise in the 3D printing process and benefit from a process chain that’s tailored to the exact requirements and guidelines of the aerospace industry, including heat treatment and quality assurance. You also have a particularly wide range of materials to choose from, such as stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, Inconel and various special alloys.


Any questions?

Our Project-team is looking forward to advise you.

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Case studies: a selection of our successes from the aerospace industry.


Aerospace Case Study ‘Decompression Grid - Airbus A350’

Diehl Aircabin GmbH required decompression grids for the interior fitments of the Airbus A350.


Aerospace Case Study ‘Filling Connector – Eurofighter’

A manufacturing challenge... to produce a complex, small component for the emergency oxygen supply to the crew of the Eurofighter Typhoon.

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