Information Security

What is TISAX? ("Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange")

TISAX is a standard for information security defined by the automotive industry. As a service provider to the automotive industry, we must prove at regular intervals that we meet the required criteria for information security. The basis for this proof is the catalogue of questions (VDA ISA2) developed by the VDA, which is based on essential aspects and criteria of the internationally recognised standard.

TISAX at Robert Hofmann GmbH:

At Robert Hofmann GmbH, the topic of information security is a top priority. We see it as an obligation to our legislator, but above all as an obligation to our customers.

Since information security is not just the responsibility of one individual, we promote the sensitivity of our employees to this topic through regular training. Through these measures, we ensure a trustful and secure handling of our customers' information, data and products as well as internal company knowledge. In order to ensure that all legal regulations are complied with, we also check this through regular internal audits

OUR TISAX result:

The results for Robert Hofmann GmbH can be viewed via the ENX portal.

Location name:

Robert Hofmann GmbH

At the Zeil 6

96215 Lichtenfels

Scop ID:


Assessment ID:


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