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What we offer you

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You gain many advantages by training at Hofmann – Ihr Möglichmacher. As one of the biggest Rapid Prototyping providers in the world, we have the latest and the most powerful machines on the market. This means that you can work with conventional lathes and milling machines, but also with 3D printers - an exciting technology, with many new opportunities. However, we can offer you more than just technical work – as one of the most innovative companies in the region, we also need trainees in the commercial sector. Modern office workplaces and diverse tasks will also provide a challenge for you in these departments – and since almost all of our trainees deliver great performances, we’re especially proud of almost 100% retention rate!

Trial internship

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You’re not sure which career would suit you? Don’t worry about that at all, because we offer you the chance to try a trial placement internship, during which you can put your technical or commercial skills to the test and get to know our company up close. After that, you’ll know if you want to become a real Hofmann ‘make-it-possible’ person!!

Training Centre

Your technical training with Hofmann – Ihr Möglichmacher starts in our Training Centre. It’s here, on an area of more than 400 m², that you’ll learn how to become a precision mechanic, a mechatronics engineer or a process mechanic. You’ll have the very latest machines available and experienced trainers always at your side to help you, and after completing your 6-month basic training, you can start in one of the various departments of our company – perfectly prepared for whatever comes your way.

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anna spaeth

Commercial Department:

Ms. Anna Späth

T: +49 9571-949 151

F: +49 9571-949 109

Robert Hofmann GmbH
An der Zeil 6
96215 Lichtenfels

Your training opportunities at Hofmann – Ihr Möglichmacher:

Commercial training professions:


Office Administration Clerk

As an Office Administration Clerk, you’ll make sure that everything runs smoothly in the administration department. You’ll organise and process office management tasks and perform commercial activities such as order processing, procurement, accounting, marketing and personnel work. Training with us, you’ll also see a good number of departments, such as:

Materials Planning: This is where customer orders are created and bought parts are planned and organised to match exact delivery dates to our customers

Purchasing: Here invoices are checked, offers acquired and bought parts ordered

Administration: This is where letters are written, documents are archived and a great variety of other organisational tasks are performed

Accounting: Invoices are booked here and reminders are (occasionally) written

Marketing: Here is where plans are made to attract new customers and where we promote our image as we want others to see us

Logistics: Transports are planned here, the receipt of goods is monitored and everything is prepared for import and export

Quality Management: Here we ensure that our customers only receive flawless products from us; your tasks will include the creation of test reports

Invoicing: The main task here is the writing of invoices

Technical Training Professions


Process Mechanic

As a Process Mechanic, you’ll manufacture components from a wide range of different raw materials. To do this, you’ll help prepare the production process, using machines to make e.g. required tool shapes out of plastic. But your responsibilities go even further than that – you will postprocess the finished components, then assemble the parts. While doing this, you’ll also keep an eye on the details and make sure that all your components are of perfect quality. Maintenance and repair of the machines and tools is of course an important factor in this work.


Mechatronics Engineer

As a Mechatronics Engineer, you’ll make sure that everything functions correctly, especially in our production – because it’s your knowledge that we call upon to maintain and repair the machinery, the heart of our company. But that’s not all: because you’re always open to new developments, you’ll also help to develop technical innovations. For this job, you have to be good with numbers, because measurements and calculations will always be part of your future working life.


Precision Mechanic

As a Precision Mechanic, you’ll use the latest machines and tools to make complex components. And to make sure that these components all fit together later, you’ll coordinate the requirements with the customer, subsequently creating sketches and technical drawings. The term Precision Mechanic is very apt, because extremely precise work is crucial in this job – even the smallest deviations can lead to serious errors in the final product, so it’s a good job that you’ll have computer-based aids to help you! That’s also what will make your training so exciting – you’ll find that the job is the perfect balance between precise manual work and modern high-tech.

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